Kiva is the path-breaking, fast-growing person-to-person microlending site. It works this way: Kiva posts pictures and stories of people needing loans. You give your money to Kiva. Kiva sends it to a microlender. The lender makes the loan to a person you choose. He or she ordinarily repays. You get your money back with no interest. It's like eBay for microcredit. You knew that, right? Well



A lot of Kiva lenders are also on Zidisha. Zidisha is more like Kiva Zip than Kiva. Of all of the micro finance institutions I know, Zidisha's cost to its borrowers (fees, interest, etc.) is the lowest. KyRoamer, Jul 27, 2013. Zidisha defines its repayment and writeoff statistics more conservatively than other microlending websites.

Zidisha vs kiva

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2015-05-04 · Y Combinator non-profit alum Zidisha is launching its cross-border P2P lending platform in Haiti, its first Latin American market, its founder Julia Kurnia told TNW in an exclusive interview. Zidisha estas 501 (c) (3) ne-profita organizaĵo kiu permesas al homoj pruntedoni malgrandajn monsumojn rekte al entreprenistoj en evolulandoj. [1] Ĝi estas al la unua kunul-al-kunula mikropruntedonad servo por interligi prunteprenantojn kaj pruntedonantojn trans internaciaj limoj sen loka mikrofinancinstitucioperanto. Zidisha - Kenya. 1.3K likes. The first global person-to-person lending community.

For example, the 5% fee for $50 loan held for three months would be 1.25%, or about 63 cents. That is hardly exorbitant. 4.

The founder of Zidisha is Julia Kurnia. Julia saw the power of working with microfinance – small amounts given not as handouts but as loans to invest in revenue-generating activities while she was working with a microfinance organization in Senegal. They raised hundreds of loans at zero cost through Kiva, an online microlending platform.

I found Zidisha was offering a much better model for the borrowers. I’ll have to look at Kiva Zip as it appears they might be trying to emulate the good practices of Zidisha here and that makes it a win for everyone.

Zidisha vs kiva ( is a non-profit microfinance institution that works on a model very similar to that of Kiva. I have been volunteering with RangDe for more than a year now.

reality, I had to s Mar 31, 2016 The locally managed lending programs funded by Kiva and similar microlending websites are probably the best way to serve borrowers who do  Apr 21, 2012 Zidisha. This 2-year-old microlending site, named for the Swahili word for "grow" or "expand," is a bit different from Kiva in that it pairs lenders  Jul 1, 2016 It's not just microfinance platforms like Kiva, Zidisha or Deki that offer this 'direct' approach to helping people in need. Others, like GiveDirectly  variable for full due diligence versus basic due diligence processed by Kiva microfinancing platforms (MYC4, Veecus, myELEN, Zidisha, unitedprosperty etc.) . Figure 3-4 CBR-based risk model vs Expert-based risk model. who operate globally like Kiva, Zidisha(Hassett et al., 2011) and they have no such risk rating.

Zidisha vs kiva

В 2009 году, учтя опыт предыдущего проекта, Курниа основала собственную организацию Zidisha. В 2012 году из-за финансовых трудностей, связанных с невозвратом кредитов, Kiva прекратила своё сотрудничество с Senegal Ecovillage Microfinance. В начале 2014 году инвестором Zidisha выступил Zidisha is a peer-to-peer microlending community to link lenders and borrowers directly across Kiva vs. Zidisha: Comparing Microfinance Alternatives. Close. 2. An in depth comparative review of prosocial microfinance platforms Kiva and Zidisha discussing, integrity, sustainability and efficiency of their respective business models January 2019 DOI: 10 The founder of Zidisha is Julia Kurnia.
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Zidisha vs kiva

It was was the first peer-to-peer microlending service to offer direct  May 7, 2019 Last year, I generated $2,000 worth of credit card spending via Kiva. I can't vouch for any other alternatives, but I have read good things about Zidisha. between what we think Kiva does vs.

this is seems to be similar to Kiva but aims to have lower interest for the end borrowers. It has funded about $9 million in loans according to their open statistics since founding in 2009, a fraction of Kiva’s $950 million. Zidisha cuts out the intermediaries and allows direct lending between lenders and borrowers at 0% interest.
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Zidisha — сайдан тэрилтэтин тэрийэр. 2012 сыллаахха харчы өттүнэн кыһалҕа үөскээн Kiva Senegal

Kiva has done immense good by supplying microfinance organizations with much-needed lending capital, and its vision of human connection across geographic barriers has fired the imaginations of people worldwide. Zidisha’s historical repayment rate is between 78% and 91%. Kiva Zip uses a more traditional method to control credit risk, enlisting the help of local Trustees to act as loan officers, vetting applicants and following up on repayments. Kiva Zip’s historical repayment rate is 88%. Information provision. Kiva’s repayment rate is 99%, and Zidisha’s repayment rate is 98%. Kiva lenders may lose money due to borrower default, or to poor performance and fraud on the part of intermediary microfinance As stated in the article, Kiva has recently launched a pilot program called Kiva Zip (, following in Zidisha's footsteps.

Zidisha was originally inspired by who popularized the concept of philanthropy through a peer to peer model. Zidisha, like Kiva is a non-profit micro finance company that launched in 2009. They launched believing that they could improve on the traditional model due to the increase of technology in developing countries in recent years.

Zidisha: Comparing Microfinance Alternatives". Retrieved 7 March 2014. 1 2 3 "Zidisha Statistics".

Kiva had refused to participate, so Rose arranged for Zidisha to participate by phone. Knowing very little about them I was a little nervous.