Lynne Malcolm: Jaakko Seikkula, developer of Open Dialogue model for mental health crisis care. He has some unconventional hypotheses about what we call psychosis, which informs the Open Dialogue


den sk Open dialogue modellen, initierad av professor i psykoterapi Jaakko Seikkula på universitetet i Jyväskylä. I korthet innebär den att de 

Open Dialogue is an alternative approach for treating psychosis as well as other mental health disorders developed in the 1980s in Finland by Yrjö Alanen and his collaborators. Open dialogue interventions are currently being trialed in several other countries including Australia, Austria, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Norway, Poland, the United Kingdom, [3] and the United States. Jaakko Seikkula’s research practice is mainly twofold. Firstly, he has been involved in developing family and social network based practices in psychiatry with psychosis and other severe crises.

Jaakko seikkula open dialogue

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Författare: Seikkula, Jaakko. Tom Erik Arnkil. Titel:. Tomi Bergström, Jaakko Seikkula et al.

Nevertheless, more evidence is needed.

“Open Dialogue” is a network approach to severe psychiatric crises and In 2011, she founded a training facility with Jaakko Seikkula, the Institute for. Dialogic 

Family. Process, 44 (4), 461-475.

Jaakko seikkula open dialogue

The family-oriented open dialogue approach in the treatment of first-episode psychosis: Nineteen–year outcomes Author links open overlay panel Tomi Bergström a Jaakko Seikkula a Birgitta Alakare b Pirjo Mäki c d Päivi Köngäs-Saviaro b Jyri J. Taskila b Asko Tolvanen e Jukka Aaltonen a

Att möta erfarenheter med en "open mind" innebär t.ex. att gränser inte har mer makt än  On dialogue. "The Platonic Dialogue. “Philosophy as an Art of Living: Situating the Method of Socratic Dialogue Seikkula, Jaakko och Tom Erik Arnkil. Yalom, Irvin D. Gift of therapy: an open letter to a new generation of therapists and  tools for this are based on concepts by Tor Wennerberg and Jaakko Seikkula.

Jaakko seikkula open dialogue

What Open Dialogue is Not Antipsychiatry Passing wave Of enthusiastic known as “Open Dialogue,” first described as such in 1995 (Aaltonen Seikkula, & Lehtinen, 2011; Seikkula et al., 1995). The “openness” of Open Dialogue refers to the transparency of the therapy planning and decision-making processes, which take place while everyone is present. with a continuation as the local Open Dialogue in Acute Psychosis (ODAP) project (1994–1997) (Seikkula et al., 2003; Seikkula et al., 2006). To determine how far the outcomes in the treatment of acute psychosis remained stable, a third study was conducted, examining the period 2003–2005. This paper reports on the outcomes of 2018-12-01 · The primary aim has been to create low-threshold- and family-oriented treatment system which promotes the reciprocal open dialogues between patients, the persons in their closest networks, and mental health workers, seeking thus to ease the accessibility of mental health services and to create a shared understanding of each situation (Seikkula et al., 2006).
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Jaakko seikkula open dialogue

Jaakko Seikkula is a Professor of Psychotherapy at the University of Jyväskylä in Finland. From 1981 to 1998 he was Chief Psychologist at Keropudas hospital in Tornio, Finland, and was instrumental in the development of the Open Dialogue approach there. The Finnish psychotherapist Jaakko Seikkula developed a successful method for treating psychosis.

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This is because Open Dialogue training in Finland (named as Family Therapy Training) follows these criteria. Our aim is that during the training the participants will be supported to start their own programmes of Open Dialogue and Dialogical Practice in their home countries, and thus we could have an international network of training of Open Dialogue certificates.

Life by its very nature is dialogic. To live means to participate in dialogue: to ask questions, to heed,  Open dialogue, relational mind. Teacher: Jaakko Seikkula, Ph. D. May 24th and 25th, 2019. Aula Magna (Teaching Pavilion).

The Comprehensive Open-Dialogue Approach in Western Lapland (24.52 MB) Treatment principles, follow-up outcomes, and two case studies (180.23 KB) Jaakko Seikkula, Ph.D. Files & Links. Jaako Seikkula Videos

The principles and values of Open Dialogue are simple.

i ett nära Hospital, Western Lapland, where Open Dialogue.